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developer: Konami

composers: Michiru Yamane

release date: August 3rd 1990

genre: platformer

I love ninja turtles, i really do. there is just something about ninja turtles that makes for good video games, good cartoons and one good movie somehow? ninja turtle games I’ve always felt have been given a pass on many of their flaws because of peoples nostalgia surrounding everything ninja turtle related. now don’t get me wrong some of these games deserve all the praise that they have gotten over the years (see the arcade game and turtles in time).

today I’m reviewing TNMT: fall of the foot clan. this game is a linear platformer where you play as Leonardo, Michealangelo, Donatelo and Raphael as the fight the foot clan through the streets and sewers. the first thing i notice about this game is how large the character sprite is.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA).000

no matter what you think of raph, you got to respect someone who wants to take on the footclan with a fork.

This was a comon thing early in the gameboys life, many of the games were not scaled apropriatly to the screen, the result was games that looked like this. You play as one of the four turtles whose attacks are completely identical. every  time you die the turtle your playing as gets captured and you have to pick another turtle to progress, when you run out of turtles you lose.

The gameplay feels ok. the only problem that i found is that you move slowly on foot but when you jump you rocket to the top of the screen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA).002

can i just jump over this wall

The game is broken into 5 levels with multiple stages within these levels. This game is really short and really easy, chances are you will beat this game in less then an hour. That being said the boss fights are fun like this first boss who is a rhino with a gun. Here look.

no seriously look

no seriously look

Verdict: This game is enjoyable for a brief time. I enjoyed my time with it but outside of the OUTSTANDING soundtrack there is really nothing special here. If you can find this one really cheap it might be worth playing through.