Trip World-gameboy. this game right here


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I would like to preface this by apologizing, which is the best way to start a review. Like i posted i while back i was planning on posting this on friday but unfortunately i became quite sick over the weekend and ended up posting it today.


developer: Sunsoft

publisher: Sunset

composer: manami matsumae

release date: november 27 1992

genre: platformer….I geus

Have you ever heard the term “it’s the little things” be applied to a game. Usually its in the context to that fun little element in a game that although not improving the game altogether, make the experience of the game slightly more fun. Well that in a nutshell is trip world.

Trip world was released in 1992 by sunsoft, the same team behind my favorite nes game Gimmick! (cant wait to do that review). Trip world is simply put a platformer and on its surface its actually that simple of a game. You run from left to right, you have a short range attack and there is a boss at the end of each stage. In all these regards trip world is a descent platformer and this is why writing this review was difficult from the onset I knew that if I started reviewing this game the same way I did every other game I would not be able to properly represent what it does well. So let me show you what it does well.

First the visuals, from the very first screen trip world show you this.


this house

So yes trip world is one of these truly hand crafted pltformer that reuses very few assets; actually, that is a common theme with trip world as you will see later.

From this screen you enter the first level. You see your first enemy and you attack.


Clearly you have never played trip world. This enemy is completely friendly, he will jump at you but if he manages to get to you he jumps on your heads and sits


I love how unimpressed my character looks.


and this is by far my favorite part of trip world. About 70 or so percent of the enemies are either completely passive or will only attack if you attack them. and this is what makes trip world so fun, in a way much like yoshie’s island every time the game introduces you to a new enemy type it will use it once and you will never see it again. On top of that almost all of these enemies will react to you in a completely different way. Lets looks at these enemy types.


So this guy runs around and sometimes does backflips.


The guy up top turns into a spikey ball to protect himself.


This guy is sleeping until you get close


Then he turns into a helicopter


this bird is just sitting there minding his own business. try hitting him 3 times.

He fall’s(he might not be a bird)


See this guy, if you walk up to him.


He turns into a mushroom.


These leaves have feet.


This cat chases you but doesn’t hurt you if he catches you.


these things are just adorable


These things are just adorable.




Turn into this


These bugs are playing tag, il leave them alone.


This flower

Turn into this egg


This guy has a robot


So does this guy

so as you can see most of these enemies don’t really want to hurt you. At this point your probably thinking “this game must be pretty easy” and you know what your right. Honestly I beat this game in about an hour and once you really know how to play you can beat it in about 15 minutes. The only real difficulty spike is the last boss which is insanely fast and ridiculously hard.

The last thing I want to mention about this game is the soundtrack. Now I hope to make something clear quickly, I am a huge video game music dork. I really hope to do a video game music article sometime soon. As anyone who knows sunsoft knows their music. Everything from gimmick! To euphoria, its all great and this game is no exeption. I don’t believe this OST is as strong as those previously mentioned games but it still has some great tracks.

Putting a verdict to this one is hard, really hard. So I’m not going to score it. I enjoyed this game in a way that I know not everybody would. This game is the definition of an experimental game. I’ve heard so many times that “this game couldn’t have come out today” after looking at this game its quite the opposite. This game should not have come then. A game like this could have found an audience today but this game came out in 1992…1992! Who in 1992 would have accepted and purchased a game where the enemies where friendly. Even today this game is incredibly subjective. I found it incredibly charming, had I not I might have found it slightly boring. If you want to know at the end of this review what my opinion on this game is, its that you should play it, you should really play it. And this where the price comes in, unfortunately for the reasons I mentioned this game found very little success in either of its releases. As a result this game is incredibly rare. someday I would love to own this game but for now there is an alternative or there should be I guess. So basically trip world hit the JP and PAL 3DS eshops but was never released here, why I don’t know. So I guess ill suggest you emulate it and this breaks my heart and here why. I’ve always wanted Nintendo to put up the complete but unreleased NTSC version of Gimmick! On the virtual console, this has never happened. My hope was that if people buy other sunsoft games the powers that be would give us Gimmick!. But then again ive never understood virtual console.


the itchy and scratchy game-SNES: the best super nintendo Simpsons game, for what thats worth.


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developer: Bits Studios

publisher: Acclaim

composer: Shahid Ahmad

release date: March 1st 1995

genre: platformer

Sometimes i wonder how much money the simpsons games made back in the 8 and 16 bit era. Looking back there were 13 simpsons games released between 1991 and 1995. Almost all of these were received terribly so it begins to beg the question how valuable was the simpsons brand exactly. As it turns out valuable enough to justify a spin off game about one of the fake cartoons from the show.

Today I’m reviewing a game based of a cartoon from the universe of another cartoon. The itchy and scratchy game for SNES is a platformer where you have to traverse these semi open ended levels and fight a boss at the end. such as a Pterodactyl.

Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA).005


Along the way you fight some small enemies that run at you from all directions who are easy to deal with and environmental hazards scattered through out the level. Oh and i believe there is one more thing standing between you and the end of the level.

Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA).003


This cat is the bane of your existence, he hates you and wants nothing but the worse for you and your family. As you progress through the game he runs out from offscreen at tries to attack you. Now if this was once per level that would be a cool way to keep the player on their toes but he comes in every 7 second’s or so.

The game gives you a large hammer at the start as your main form of defence and from there you can pick up other temporary use weapons scattered around the level. This is by far the best part of the game a lot if these weapons are fun to use and creative, like a hammer the flattens scratchy in one hit and a bomb that sets him completely on fire.

Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA).007

I have remorse for my actions

These weapons really emphasize the satirical-ness of the itchy and scratchy cartoon as it pertains to the over the top violence of early cartoons.

Overall this game is intensely mediocre. There is very little here for just about any one. what good i will say is that as far as Simpsons games go this is one of the better ones which unfortunately doesn’t mean a whole lot. Unless your a collector don’t bother with this one.


TNMT: fall of the foot clan


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developer: Konami

composers: Michiru Yamane

release date: August 3rd 1990

genre: platformer

I love ninja turtles, i really do. there is just something about ninja turtles that makes for good video games, good cartoons and one good movie somehow? ninja turtle games I’ve always felt have been given a pass on many of their flaws because of peoples nostalgia surrounding everything ninja turtle related. now don’t get me wrong some of these games deserve all the praise that they have gotten over the years (see the arcade game and turtles in time).

today I’m reviewing TNMT: fall of the foot clan. this game is a linear platformer where you play as Leonardo, Michealangelo, Donatelo and Raphael as the fight the foot clan through the streets and sewers. the first thing i notice about this game is how large the character sprite is.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA).000

no matter what you think of raph, you got to respect someone who wants to take on the footclan with a fork.

This was a comon thing early in the gameboys life, many of the games were not scaled apropriatly to the screen, the result was games that looked like this. You play as one of the four turtles whose attacks are completely identical. every  time you die the turtle your playing as gets captured and you have to pick another turtle to progress, when you run out of turtles you lose.

The gameplay feels ok. the only problem that i found is that you move slowly on foot but when you jump you rocket to the top of the screen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA).002

can i just jump over this wall

The game is broken into 5 levels with multiple stages within these levels. This game is really short and really easy, chances are you will beat this game in less then an hour. That being said the boss fights are fun like this first boss who is a rhino with a gun. Here look.

no seriously look

no seriously look

Verdict: This game is enjoyable for a brief time. I enjoyed my time with it but outside of the OUTSTANDING soundtrack there is really nothing special here. If you can find this one really cheap it might be worth playing through.